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All the rage Julyresponding to pressure from the new emperorPope Clement XIV dissolved the Jesuit Order and the university came under intensified affirm control. At the same age the institution lost its academe status, becoming a mere academict Lyceum. Die Professoren der k.

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The Emperor had decided to retain only three universities, in PragueViennaand Lviv. Theology courses were restored to a full five years, while Philosophy was extended en route for three years and by Above-board Studies took four years. Karel Ferdinand Irmler started to address in both canonical [21] after that secular law at the academe. He was able to assure the Rector, Bartoloměj Villerius, en route for support his proposal. Ivana arrive her Austrian passport in Advance and left for Canada all the rage September Many of these absent Olomouc in order to aid the actions of revolutionary students in Vienna. At Olomouc the Office of Faculty Directors was established in The Thirty Years' War —48 prevented further advance of the university.

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All the same, in the Faculty of Divinity was closed again, reflecting the Communist government's mistrust of the churches. Many of these absent Olomouc in order to aid the actions of revolutionary students in Vienna. The Faculty of Education was created later all the rage Inafter the dissolution of the Jesuit order, it was bowed into a secular institution administer by the State. Die Professoren der k. In the academe received an Imperial Privilege as of the emperor Rudolf IIwhereby degrees awarded by the Jesuit Academe had the same value at the same time as those from any comparable academe. The majority of nobility was non-catholic, the schools and printing-shops established by the Unity of Bretheren were flourishing; on the other hand there were cries of Olomouc Catholic Bishops after that of catholic kings Ferdinand after that Maximilian about the bad standing of diocese, about the be deficient in of clergy-men and their abysmal morals, disorders in schools at the same time as well as in monasteries, be deficient in of financing etc.

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By Olomouc the Office of Ability Directors was established in The situation as of is at the same time as follows: For example, in around were seven law, seven attitude and one theology doctoral degrees awarded, while 25 graduates obtained diploma in medicine and consulting room. Theology courses were restored en route for a full five years, although Philosophy was extended to three years and by Legal Studies took four years. Growing administration alarm was reflected at the Olomouc fortress which was all the rage full combat readiness by Julywhich was enough to deter activist actions in the town. The Emperor had decided to retain only three universities, in PragueViennaand Lviv. The consequence of constraining the city within its upgraded fortifications was that scope designed for commercial development became very classified.

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The Habsburg Absolutists put the academe under state control in the s, and eventually closed it apart from the Faculty of Theology in the s. All the rage the same year the at the outset students were officially enrolled all the rage the university's registry and the students were "subdued" in an admission ceremony, which was aimed to relieve them of basis morals. Therefore, in years — the Palacký University had only Faculty of Medicine. Retrieved October 31, Nešpor, Dějiny university olomoucké [11] The college was rebuilt by Bishop Marek Khuen z Olomouce in to provide lectures both to public administrators after that to prospective teachers.

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