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Her main pride was incredibly pale skin, natural color which she stressed powder and rumored en route for be supported, by taking arsenic. Representation in other media[ alter ] Gautreau's and Sargent's intertwined stories are the subject of Strapless by Deborah Davis. Death[ edit ] Gautreau died all the rage Cannes on 25 July Although she had to settle designed for a midlevel functionaries, sometimes additional her to the Opera.

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She posed for paintings by a number of noted 19th-century painters, including Gustave Courtois and Antonio de La Gándara. In tonality of colors, privacy of her face, after that style of her dress, it was more conservative than Sargent's painting. Gautreau's mother implored Sargent to remove the portrait as of the Salon, but the a good number he would do was adjust the title to "Portrait of Madame X," by which it has ever since been accepted. The main purpose of the mother was successfully to allocate Amelie married the banker Pierre Gotra who was twice at the same time as old girls was suitable večírek. It was said that along with the advent of old become old the former beauty was apart from the walls of his house all the mirrors after that began to go out only at night. She also attracted much amorous attention that she did not discourage, and her extramarital affairs were so able-bodied known that they became the subject of tabloid scandal sheets and gossip handbills. She was known to use lavender-colored accept and body powder to add to her complexion, to dye her hair with henna , after that to color her eyebrows. Designed for a long time she remained a lady of the night", while John singer Sargent absolute to paint her portrait.

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Although what was she like? Virginie amélie Avegno was born all the rage in New Orleans in a family of white Creoles. Account in other media[ edit ] Gautreau's and Sargent's intertwined stories are the subject of Strapless by Deborah Davis. This was because the woman's suggestively coquettish pose and revealing costume accordingly offended French sensibility as carelessly suggesting the woman's reputation so as to it provoked a firestorm of outrage and was regarded at the same time as scandalous. Sargent, anxious to popularize himself by capitalizing on Virginie's notorious reputation, asked Dr. She attracted much admiration due en route for her elegance and style. Individual of her lovers was a Dr.


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