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They face biological, personal, relational, after that structural risks that all add to their chances of getting HIV. Valorizing resistance to the medicine space discursively positions "good" strippers against such a drug locale and indicates why dancers are motivated to closet hard medicine use. In arguing for the decriminalization of sex work, the Minister of Justice of the Netherlands expanded upon this barney in court when stating so as to, "prostitution has existed for a long time and will continue to do so…Prohibition is not the way to proceed…One should allow for voluntary prostitution. The motives of sex workers adapt widely and can include arrear, coercion, survival, or simply at the same time as a way to earn a living.

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Othering involves constructing oneself as a cut above to one's peers, and the dancer persona provides an domestic boundary that separates the "authentic" from the stripper self. As sex work is illegal all the rage many places where they aspiration to organize, it is difficult to communicate with other femininity workers in order to arrange. There are additional hurdles all the rage terms of self-esteem and allegiance to unionize. Unionizing exotic dancers can certainly bring better act conditions and fair pay, although it is difficult to accomplish at times because of their dubious employee categorization. Since it is so widespread, the abuse of drugs has become normalized in the exotic dance area.

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