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The original starred Choi Min-sik at the same time as Deok-bae, a taxi driver as of the countryside who decides en route for come to the city, buys a private taxi after his mother sold some land, after that hopes to finally make a change in his miserable animation. Their first production was the three-part omnibus No Comment all the rage Because of his contribution, ratings for the show surged en route for unexpected heights.

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He created his own portion Hollywood Message, which he wrote after that edited by himself, where he would take famous scenes as of some of the most accepted Hollywood films showing in theaters, and make parodies, add asinine popups, mix scenes from altered films together to form a bizarre, unique collage of images. In Jang established his accept film production outfit Film It Sudahiring his "family" of associate writers, producers and directors. By the same time, he was helping adapt Song Jae-hee's creative into what became A Angry Roof, a feminist comedy anywhere a group of women as of all walks of life námitka their position in society as of the roof of a construction, while their husbands and the rest of the city aim to cope with all so as to in the midst of individual of the hottest summers Korea had ever seen. The act commemorated the 43rd anniversary designed for Dongnang Arts Center affiliated en route for the institute and the th birthday of the late Yu Chi-jin, founder of the association and the nation's first amphitheater.

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The fantasy dramedy was the entrance feature of Park Kwang-hyunone of several of Jang's colleagues as of his theater days who joined Film It Suda. His after that films, ensemble comedy The Ask Show Scandal [27] [28] after that melodrama Romantic Heaven[29] [30] [31] though well-reviewed, were less successful at the box office. At the same time as a high school student, he acted in more than 40 plays, receiving good reviews after that a few awards for his performances. After working on the play Magic Time, he after that shot his second film The Spy, an underrated comedy starring Yoo Oh-sung as a North Korean spy trying to appropriate the magic formula of the South's "super pig" to battle the famine.

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